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Dreaming. Stephanie Griffin.
Hollywood Premiere.
Las Meninas Noir
Smoking. Lucinda Hollingsworth.
La Vicaria. Tribute to Fortuny.
Carole at the gas station.
Dreaming. Rudolf Nureyev.
The Lamentation.
Dreaming. Marlon Brando.
Red. James Dean 1. (SOLD)
Yellow. Marilyn 2.
Smoking. Catherine Deneuve 2.
The singer.
Red. Frank Sinatra 1.
The singers.
An elegant stroll.
Elegance at the museum.
Marilyn 4. (SOLD)
Pietro Annigoni & his painting of Qu
Couples at the museum.
The love letter.
Don't be cruel.
The dying poet
Via Veneto. Rome.
Three women smoking.
Yellow. Marilyn 3
Liz with blue scarf.
James Dean 3.
Smoking. Marie Callas.
Sayonara 1.
Plein Soleil.
Young Chet (SOLD)
Chet Baker. Tenderness
My Way 3. (SOLD)
Sad Marilyn (SOLD)
Jeanne Moreau. (SOLD)
Mick Jagger 1.
David Bowie. (SOLD)
Tony Bennett. (SOLD)
Mick Jagger 2.
Sinatra smile 2. (SOLD)
Sinatra and Dean Martin.
Sinatra and his car.
David Bowie.
Mick Jagger and Keith Richards.
Bowie reading.
Peggy Lee.
Bowie smoking.
My funny valentine. Chet Baker.
Dreaming. David Bowie.
Morrisey. (SOLD)
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