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​Thomas de Marsay

Born in Jaén, Spain in 1965, de Marsay moved to Barcelona while still very young. There, he became involved in the artistic world of the city and he fell in love with such Catalan and Spanish painters as Fortuny, Casas and Picasso. From Barcelona Thomas moved to Madrid to study Velazquez and eventually to Paris, where he lived and studied French painting. de Marsay now lives and works in Sitges, Spain.

de Marsay portrays iconic characters — superheroes, 50s celebrities, famous movie characters and crooners. He textures his careful, small-scale paintings with delicate brushstrokes that give his references to pop culture and art history an affecting intimacy.

de Marsay’s newest projects bring together his familiar themes in new and surprising ways — like a Christmas gathering, a family that includes Rubens and Superman, Marilyn Monroe and Donald Trump, Hitchcock and Velazquez, Mickey Mouse and Jackson Pollack, John F. Kennedy and Batman!


In solo and group exhibitions, art fairs and galleries in Spain, France, Switzerland, and the United States, de Marsay’s paintings fascinate and tease our imaginations as familiar characters become actors in new dramas, unknown theatrics we’re candidly glimpsing in media res.


Timeless, yet undeniably contemporary, conscious of history, yet defiantly new, de Marsay's paintings offer uncanny novel discoveries.

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